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Replying to jotti and JJ --

The "view source" from IE gives:
<body> 1<br>2<br>3<br>5<br>6<br></body></html>
(And did you mean "comma" instead of "dash", jotti?)

I've cleared my browser cache (no, you're right, that's not silly), verified the cache is cleared, hit F5, Ctrl-F5, and still get the same result, without the "4".

I'll probably just move on, at this point, but I was concerned I might have some type of installation/configuration problem on the server (which I don't admin) that could be a more serious issue later...

It's a bit troubling, that the IIS server seems to give different results from the command line vs. web-served. I don't know enough about that area to imagine why that would be.

- Mush