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Having actually purchased and developed with perlnet and visual perl, here are my comments:

Visual Perl

I personally didn't like this product very much. I ended up just writting my code in vim and then creating a new project with exsisting files just to package it up for the installer.


Calling .net objects from perl is easy enough, and this alone is worth the money to get a decent gui on win32 (if you develop commercially). Although most of the other .net libraries already exist for perl. I actually wrote my gui in c# so I could use the gui editor and then called my perl code from c#.

Making calls to perl code from c++, c#, or vb only takes a little modification of your perl code. The problem I ran into was complex data structures. I had lots of trouble passing HoH and AoH data structures between c# and perl. I ended up writing an iterater to navigate the structure.

Activestate NEEDS more documentation. While they do have some, it is not nearly enough and sparse at times. Another problem is finding the dlls required for distribution (the answer is on the perlnet mailing list now).

I also ran across some bugs, but activestate has put the fixes in their current version (it took about two weeks to get a bug fix).

Overall, I think it is a good product. It has issues, but it is also a fairly new product. The ability to use c++, c# and vb with perl is very nice (easier then writing xs) and helps open to door for more people to use perl in their projects.

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Re: Re: What do you think about ActiveState's Visual Perl .NET??
by mapopa (Acolyte) on May 31, 2002 at 15:26 UTC
    Well i have tested the ActiveState Visual (dot net) Perl and it's cool thing to write .net perl .Shure microsotf is going to the c # and they don't care the other languages (only vb) .It's to hard to write .net perl appz yet but hope one day to have an perl ide equal with ms net ide (yes the one we do C$# and vb dont net). I have a vision : one day to use the perl,pascal,php,python,java on a single virtual machine (OVM -Open Sorce Virtual Machine) :Mono ?( or maybe the Sun could bring those languages on the Java vm I tell u :tried Component Pascal on the Java.vm and .net vm and is Hard Work to write aplications on java vm in another language .
      You vision is the same as mine (use any languages together), that is why I can't wait for parrot. If you haven't yet, you should really check out the parrot mailing list.