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First of all, I am NOT begrudging ActiveState being compensated for the effort they have put into any project that they may have.


My comment about the price tag was simply me noticing that there was considerable cost for this and not yet knowing what value this would bring me.

No. That may have been what you _meant_ but it wasnt what you said. I quote (with added emphasis)

The phrase 'hefty price tag' to me implies that you think it is overpriced. (And yes, I can hear you saying 'hefty' meant that its a lot of money. Well how can you know its a lot of money if you dont (as you admit) know anything about it?) This view is further reinforced by your following phrase, where you imply that the subject of their pricing is matter that should be discussed and debated at a later time. If you didnt think that the matter was contentious then I doubt you would have said either. No matter, the point here being that you can't fault me, (and others) from reading what we did into your words.

There is nothing hypocritical about wanting to know what you will be paying for

Of course not. But then again you didnt say "For me the price is quite expensive, is it worth it?" Perhaps that was what meant to imply, but obviously the message wasn't recieved as intended, which I would say is usually a good indication of an unfortunate choice of words.

Before you start resenting what you think someone has implied, be certain of what they mean.

*Caugh* I certainly try to give writers the benfit of the doubt, but in writing and reading there is _never_ certainty, and IMO the burden of clarity is on the author and not the reader. In future if you wish to avoid such misconceptions then perhaps you should avoid phrases that even if they arent meant to come across as innuendo and insinuation.

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by mrmick (Curate) on Jun 03, 2002 at 13:09 UTC
    The solution is simple:

    If you don't understand.... ASK!