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As a practicing bioinformatician, I picked this book up thinking that it would be useful for handing out to people in the office to deflect some of the more obvious questions.

I would like to say though that this book is a primer, and its a primer for the BIOLOGIST. It is a comprehensive list of popular bioinformatics resources, and how to use them -but it will not teach you to write perl. It will take you through a unix primer though - useful for people with not such a great computing background.

If you are a CS person with a hankering to get into bioinformatics, well you will find the biology primers useful, they are clear and concise. But you will not need the database/coding aspects of it.

It's a good read, it is useful, but it is a primer - and it will not get you to the meat of subjects such as HMM's (Hidden Markov Models) and algorithm development.

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