Dear all!

Given fruitfull discussion at How to know whether question in SOPW is entirely answered or not? I thought a bit and decided to implement a simple but hopefully helpful thing to start solving a problem in question.

I'm going to design a simple HTML page on this site that will contain unanswered (or partially answered) questions, where author of a question still wants to hear some more information.

I think of design of this as of a page where whoever wants will place a reference to a node with unsolved question and yet a percentage number assotiated to this, describing completeness of a current coverage of answers.

I'll place reference to that page in my signature to let askers know about such possibility, which slightly increases a probability of a question to be answered in more detail (or at all).

What drawbacks are here? I see following:
1. Me, as Chicken, have not that good explanation skills as desired, and people usually get lost after reading first sentence and '--' after reading of a 50% of a node.
2. Unfortunately, me, as Chicken, is not a good listener as well (as was noticed somewhere earlier), but I'll try my best to improve this situation.

Let's consider other side. What benefits are there? Well, in my opinion, they are following:
1. Personally, I promice to look closely into that page and try to cover as much as I am able to. Chicken never answered or asked perl questions ? Yes, indeed, but Courage tried hard to help people who asked questions, and Weasel have an explanation of that situation with cartoonnetwork characters in general, and why Chicken talks only in PMD in particular case.
2. If such approach will be popular enough, this will greatly help by decreasing number of a "zombie" questions.

Okay, there were my initial thoughts, and here follows a question.

Am I able to develop my own page here just for reference? What power I need to gain?
Is this possible at all or not?

Best wishes,

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Re: a bit more about unanswered nodes.
by chromatic (Archbishop) on Jun 27, 2002 at 20:04 UTC
    Your home node is available for this purpose.
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