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I have a huge problem that is bugging me. First take a look at a screenshot of my script.

Screen Shot

Now see the radio buttons, they are for files and direcotries. Now when the try to edit a file, it edits it. But if they click on edit when a direcotry is selected I want it to move into that direcotry(on my script). The problem is, how can I tell if it's a direcotry or file. Cause what if the file is called a but the directory is called a. And I need to use radion buttons. Any ideas

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Re: My Home Script
by vek (Prior) on Jul 07, 2002 at 00:53 UTC
    The problem is, how can I tell if it's a directory or file.
    if (-d $fileFound) { # it's a directory } else { # it's *not* a directory }

    -- vek --
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