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The "not perl" line is (as others have mentioned) blurred.

A DBI or database related question will often require a SQL answer. Quite often the SQL will be completely unrelated to the specific perl problem/script, but it is still a relevant answer.

I often step in to add additional information relating to Sybase and/or MS-SQL database programming because it enhances the answers given previously, and expands the knowledge of the user asking the original question. That is, IMHO, a reasonable use of the Monastery.


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by Juerd (Abbot) on Jul 11, 2002 at 17:55 UTC

    [ something about SQL related answers]

    Non-Perl answers should be allowed, but all m:iw/how [do[es]?|can] [I|one] @tasks in @non_perl_languages/ questions are not good for this monastery. If a user can't tell the difference, that should not be a problem, but explicit non-perl is wrong.

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