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First off I agree with this post, and more, the spirit of it.

Being an Abbot I have been participating in the consideration process for a little while now. Most of my considerations are "Needs Code tags" or "Needs a readmore".

My questions are: Have the cleaning crew been messaging the people who are making questionable considerations? And if so what other actions/discussions have come out of that?

I don't believe I have, but if so I would like to know! That being the only way I can change my behavior. I guess what I mean is that I hope you guys have been at least informing people when you think their consideration may be out of line. My consideration habits are what I would consider conservative, but they are learned from what I have seen and experienced on the site, many new Friars might be doing what they think is conscientious and trying to help. I hope the effort is been made to guide them on a personal level as well as the broader level with nodes like this.

This community seems friendly enough that we should be able to work this out rationally, and I hope this post is a step in that direction.

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