Category: Utility Scripts
Author/Contact Info merlyn
Description: As noted in a parallel thread, I have this short program which can mirror a complete set of the installable modules for use with

This is for review purposes only. A final version of this code will appear in my LM column. Comments are welcome.
WARNING: As stated, this was a preliminary version of this program for comment only. While writing the column, I fixed a few bugs. Do not use the version here. Use the version there instead.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;


# the CPAN url to fetch
my $REMOTE = "";
# my $REMOTE = "file://Users/merlyn/MIRROR/CPAN/";
# my $REMOTE = "";
# my $REMOTE = "";

# the path to the local mirror
# warning: unknown files below this dir are deleted!
my $LOCAL = "/Users/merlyn/Perl/MINICPAN/";

# how verbose?  false means nothing but errors
my $TRACE = 1;


## core:
use File::Path qw(mkpath);
use File::Basename qw(dirname);
use File::Spec::Functions qw(catfile);
use File::Find qw(find);

## LWP:
use URI ();
use LWP::Simple qw(mirror RC_OK RC_NOT_MODIFIED);

## Compress::Zlib
use Compress::Zlib qw(gzopen $gzerrno);

## first, get index files
my_mirror($_) for qw(

## now walk the packages list
my $gz = gzopen(catfile($LOCAL, "modules/02packages.details.txt.gz"), 
  or die "Cannot open details: $gzerrno";
my $state = 1;
while ($gz->gzreadline($_) > 0) {
  if ($state == 1) {        # in header
    $state = 2 unless /\S/;
  if ($state == 2) {        # blank following header
    $state = 3;

  my ($module, $version, $path) = split;

## finally, clean the files we didn't stick there

exit 0;

  my %mirrored;

  sub my_mirror {
    my $path = shift;

    my $remote_uri = URI->new_abs($path, $REMOTE)->as_string;
    my $local_file = catfile($LOCAL, $path);

    return if $mirrored{$local_file}++;

    ## presume "authors/id/*" is up to date if it is present
    return if $path =~ m{^authors/id} and -f $local_file;

    print "$remote_uri -> $local_file\n" if $TRACE;

    mkpath(dirname($local_file), 1, 0711);
    my $status = mirror($remote_uri, $local_file);

    return if $status == RC_OK or $status == RC_NOT_MODIFIED;
    warn "$remote_uri: $status!\n";

  sub clean_unmirrored {
    find sub {
      return unless -f and not $mirrored{$File::Find::name};
      print "removing $File::Find::name\n" if $TRACE;
      unlink $_ or warn "Cannot remove $File::Find::name: $!";
    }, $LOCAL;
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Re: Mirror only the installable parts of CPAN
by zentara (Archbishop) on Aug 08, 2002 at 15:57 UTC
    I would find it useful if you could select which files you wanted
    to mirror. Sort of a selected download list. Maybe if I edit the
    02packages.details.txt.gz list to only contain the modules I want.
    It would be a 1-stop download for the latest versions of all
    modules I use.
      If you only want to upgrade the modules you use, then you don't want a CPAN mirror. Just go to and enter "r" to see what modules are out of date.

      Of course, you could add a regex match in the loop that mirrors individual modules if you wanted. Beware that this will then delete the other modules you may have downloaded to that tree before.

      -- Randal L. Schwartz, Perl hacker