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In general, I like your approach - a lot.
<blush />
One thing that annoyed me is the $self->self meme.

Me to, but like you I cannot see a way round it. I've just renamed it self_id in my local version.

That aside, here's my take on the base class - minus refaddr cause it doesn't work on 5.6.1.

Are you sure? It's basically the same implementation as the one here.

What I do is quite simple: store the hashref to the pad :-). Then all that AUTOLOAD has to do is trawl through the pad hashrefs and look for a matching attribute.

Falls over completely on 5.8.0. Probably because of this :-)

I like your use of an array to store the class hashes in. Makes the logic easier to understand. Might be a problem in the context of serialisation - since the position of the hash depends on the load order of the classes used by your application. You could always store a class->position mapping I guess.

I don't know if it's watertight, though. In particular, how well will it work if I call an accessor for a superclasses' field on a subclass?

There's the begining of a test suite in the version at if you're interested.

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Re^3: Class::InsideOut - yet another riff on inside out objects.
by Aristotle (Chancellor) on Dec 19, 2002 at 17:26 UTC
    Falls over completely on 5.8.0.


    I did not think about serialization at all when I moved to an array - there was a very simple reason for that - my first step was, since you're not using the $class in your while in DESTROY, to make that

    delete $_->{id} for map @$_, values %Values; At that point I blinked, looked hard at the entire source I had in front of me, which didn't include ::YAML, and saw there was nothing to ever make use of the key - obviously an oversight. I haven't looked at the ::YAML code at all yet (not the least reason being I haven't dealt with at YAML at all yet either) so I'm not sure if that will work, but a simple way out might be an extra hash keyed on the refaddr of the fieldhashref and storing arrays of classnames. I'm just pulling straws out of thin air here though.

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