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Any insights onto what are the major selling points of a location? How much is the country considered? I know there was at least one in Canada, has there ever been a YAPC in Mexico? I'd also assume that suitable facilities would be essential but how much more of a bonus are the extras - ie bigger than necessary conference rooms, other attractions etc.

Also what role do the local Perl groups/people play in it? Thanks.

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Re: YAPC::NA::2003 CFP and Announcement
by KM (Priest) on Jan 12, 2003 at 00:15 UTC
    There are different selling points for different people. Mainly, a consideration is cost. Since it is funded by a grass roots movement cost is very important. Also considered is what there is to do in the area. If people bring family, there should be things for the family not attending the conference to do during the day. Things also considered are locations of Perl groups, and where other conferences are. Having different locations allows for people who go to YAPC(s) to see different places.

    There hasn't been a YAPC::Mexico... yet :-)