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But caller doesn't do what you want. Try:
sub respond_to_message_from { my $self = shift; my($message, $sender); my $attitude = $self->appropriate_attitude_to($sender); $attitude->respond_to_message_from($self, $message, $sender); }
This avoids monkeying with @ISA, which can only be a good thing. $attitude is an example of the Strategy Pattern. Note that I've not got an @args parameter to this function, instead I'd expect them to be wrapped up in teh $message object (which can be thought of as an example of the Argument Object pattern.

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by Ctrl-z (Friar) on Jan 19, 2003 at 22:58 UTC

    I realised the insufficiency of using caller() in that way - but your example is still great. Having the  $self->appropriate_attitude_to($sender) return an object is really...neat.

    Thanks, I'll play around with this