O'Reilly notes that registration for The Perl Conference will be open Sunday 1600 - 2100, Monday 0600 - 1800, and Tuesday and Wednesday 0700 - 1800. Sign-ups for Quizmaster Jon Orwant's Internet Quiz Show (four teams of four) and for the Perl Golf tournament (up to 35 participants) will be on the message board.

Yet Another Society is leading a bunch of wireless Internet access addicts in planning to provide 802.11 wireless access at the conferences, so if you have a WaveLAN, AirPort, Aironet, or other compatible card, bring it along (SSID is "OSC", use DHCP). If you have a spare base station, it might be good to bring it along, too, since this is a volunteer effort (just make sure you save your settings and put your name on it).

Collab.Net, Sun, and Eazel are holding a contest in which Sun and Eazel will each fund a project. Submissions must be presented at the Collab.Net booth in the exhibit hall no later than Wednesday at 1830, and winners will be announced at Tim O'Reilly's keynote on Thursday morning. See the Collab.Net site for more info.