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user bio echo, too paranoid to write anything useful in here. Geeks who are insecure about wearing geeky tshirts because of the comment they get on the text of tshirt eg "There are 10 types of people" Comment "I don't get it...". I digress. Anyway these geeks need to remember that curvaceous women in close fitting tshirt need no caption to get comment. (Oops)

So I used to code with VB and Pick Basic and now I'm learning perl. Oh the pain. And most of the code examples show me how not to do something in C. Blech. How to translate the Oreilly match /fred/ into something useful. Ie if $this_string contains fred then do stuff, becomes if ($this_string =~ /fred/) {do_stuff;} and don't put a space between the tilde and the equals. Hopefully in a month I will wonder what my problem was. Hopefully I'll still have this job then.

Favourite stuffups. Leave off the $, leave off the ; get the brackets muddled ie { ( } ); get the @ stuffed. I haven't started on hashes but had to change the putty font so I could see a { from a (. And had to code a css for perlmonks because I couldn't read the code samples. Got a new monitor 17" LCD. That helps.