OK, first, we've got some new mailing lists and working groups. Nat announced the perl6-language working group, whose chair is Kirrily Robert, and whose mission is to develop RFCs on language changes. The perl6-internals list, chaired by Dan Sugalski, is charged with developing RFCs on interpreter and parser implementation and architecture.

What's an RFC? The Request For Comments is more or less a suggestion or proposal, and is documented at http://prometheus.frii.com/~gnat/p6/.

These groups are accompanied by lists: perl6-language, perl6-internals, perl6-announce, and perl6-all. Subscribe by sending mail to $listname-subscribe@perl.org. perl6-announce is a read-only announcements list. perl6-all is a special read-only mailing list that gets all of the traffic from all of the other lists (with the original list in the "X-Mailing-List" header).

All of the lists are over at http://tmtowtdi.perl.org/ with archives and subscription info.

Adam Turoff's notes from the original meeting at The Perl Conference have been posted on the Perl 6 site, along with some other tidbits, press releases, etc.