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I've found that I can solve many things this way - but it isn't even from any feedback from them (although that too can obviously help) - but it is frequently just as effective to get a room to yourself and a whiteboard and write it out - and more importantly TALK it out as if you were explaining it to someone that was new to it.
Doing that removes you from your normal train of thought and allows you a different perspective and frequently one finds themselves verbally saying something that makes no sense - and that is the reason it doesn't work... b/c it doesn't make sense.

It is much like writing a paper - when you go to proofread your own work, you are familiar with it, so you tend to skip over sections without even realizing it b/c you head is thinking "this part, and then this, and yeah, this next part, and this..."
But if you go over the work backwards, your brain has to think differently, making it almost a new subject, and it allows a nonsubjective view at the same material - which will frequently expose things you hadn't noticed before.

There are some odd things afoot now, in the Villa Straylight.