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I went to college with a guy named Fred, that reminds me of Ben. Fred got his kicks from stirring people up by taking the opposite side of any situation. He just liked looking into the face of those that he confounded and got his kicks from everybodys reactions. Ben, I am on to you :}


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Re: Re: Religion in the Monastery.
by benn (Vicar) on May 05, 2003 at 13:18 UTC
    I resent that slur Sir, and would be interested to hear your reaction to my resenting it... ;)

    No - seriously, it's not that at all - a look at the replies (that are still coming in...) gives me exactly what I looking for - answers to the original questions I posed, plus an informed view by one of my 'peer groups' on assorted aspects of the whole mind/spirit issue to boot. The post was scrupulously wishy-washy to avoid any issue of 'sides', and I'm sure you'll see from my other posts that vicarious trolling is not my raison d'etre at all.


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