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...I'm right with you on this AssFace! I tell my students repeatedly that "there is no place in engineering for dogma, and damn little for secrecy."

Sometimes they get what I'm saying to them. Other times, they work in an environment where their company will spend tens of thousands of dollars to avoid using products from one specific company. In some companies they will staunchly refuse to train their people in a technology or programming language that threatens to obsolesce a technology in which they already have a large investment.

So whether it be about the spirit, or about your choice of programming languages, you can probably count on being wrong if you think there is "One True Answer" and that you know it. And if you work for a company that will spend lots of money avoiding the inevitable, you'd best keep your resume' up to date.

...All the world looks like -well- all the world, when your hammer is Perl.