in reply to Religion in the Monastery.

I used to believe that by virtue of being in any kind of analytical field and posessing any kind of spirituality were mutually exclusive. But what better way to understand one's concept of a supreme being than to examine His/Her/Their/It's creation and attempt to understand the miracle of existence than through science?

My worldview keeps changing through experience - some may call it wisdom - but as as Matt Johnson so eloquently put it, The more I see, the less I know...

Although things can just "pop" into being on a quantum level, this holds no allure for me as applied to the macro level. As an agnostic, albeit a spritual one, I put forth the hypothesis that we cannot exist without the intervention of a higher power. But, in the truest sense of what agnostic means, I don't know. It is my deepest desire that all will be revealed when I am released from this mortal coil. Or, perhaps when I am stitting beneath a banyan tree.

Imagine what I will believe tomorrow, the day after, or the day after that.

That being said, I have been known to call the dragon when things get particularly hairy. ;)