in reply to Perl 6: Will we use it?

I started using Perl, even though I thought the syntax was somewhat insane, because awk was getting on my nerves as I tried to do more and more complex things. But I still use awk every now and again, for its simplicity. Of course, the more I know Perl, the less easier awk seems.

I fully expect the exact same shift from Perl5 to Perl6.

Of course, the coolest thing about Perl6 will be the ability for every single person in the world to create their own version of Perl to suit themselves. Won't work very well for production code of course (as every single sub-Perl will have a maintenance programmer base of exactly 1), but nifty for our little home projects. Who couldn't love a completely mutating language? I don't even see why people bother wasting the energy complaining about this feature or that feature: it looks to me like it'll be far less effort for everyone just to eradicate their favorite unwanted feature in their personal version of Perl6 anyways ...