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Perlmonks and wikiness are discussed in the next posting.

- A wiki? What's a wiki?
A website where everyone can create and edit pages. So you can create a page on some topic, and others can add to it. To make this easier, there are formatting shortcuts to reduce html clutter (like paragraphs automagically get a <p>). And titles are automagically linked - they OftenHaveThisForm so they can be regexped. Though Perlmonks' square-brackets are also used. Creating a wiki is an exercise in community building, and takes time. The philosophy is to make it very easy for people to contribute, and allow the everyone together to improve and clean up the site. Like the original vision of the web. And like Perlmonks, but less structured.

- Take a look at a wiki
There are links to the Ruby, Python, and Lua sites in the root posting (Tcl's... perhaps needs an editor). Or here's UseModWiki and a TWiki page. Note that the pages have a diff version history at the bottom, and a site-wide RecentChanges at the top.

- Two popular perl wiki implementations are UseModWiki, and TWiki. There is a list here. There is also CGI::Wiki on CPAN, but I don't know it's state. Some existing perl-related wiki sites include PerlDesignPatterns, Inline, and the just-getting-started "batkins built it, please come" TkWiki. ;)

- Ted Nelson(google) coined the term hypertext, and has been, well, puttering on it, for decades. Has a big vision, Xanadu, with fine grain linking, a money model, etc. But it never seems to quite get built/used. (There is a paragraph bio in the thread above).

- (jcwren) can provide a home for for worthy projects. Including wiki/twiki/kwikis.

And now on to Perlmonks wiki goodness...

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