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If we were all using IE, then I think it would be pretty easy to do via DHTML/XSL/XML, but since everyone is coming in on a variety of browsers that do or don't do various things (or at least not easily), it increases the complexity (and annoyance) of writing such a thing.

That said, it would really be nice for people over a slow dial-up connection (I suppose that phrase is redundant) to not have to send it all up twice.

I have written many DHTML apps in the past that did similar things, many manipulations and example renderings on this side, and then sends it all upstream at the end when things are finalized. It is "easy" on IE, but for us it was a series of custom apps for clients, so we could require IE - for a public website, you can't really require one type over another.

Would have to grab the data out of the form, then just build the preview on the page via DHTML (or dump it out to an XML DOM and then run an XSL translation over it)... not too bad at all, and not a security risk at all to answer your question.

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