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How the mail files formatted? MailTools only deals with Internet mail messages and mbox formatted files with special handling for the "From " separator. The files that Exchange uses could be mbox files but I doubt it. Especially since the messages you posted don't contain the characteristic "From " line. You probably have to figure out how the split the files into individual messages before feeding them to Mail::Header.

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by AssFace (Pilgrim) on Jul 01, 2003 at 00:02 UTC
    The mail comes into Exchange, it is then run through SpamAssassin. If it is seen as spam, a copy is saved into the "spam" folder. If the mail is seen as ham, then into the "ham" directory a copy goes.

    The mail is "mail" enough to work with SpamAssassin when it comes in, I then save that mail out to the file system, one messageage per file.

    So each of those 3 examples are a separate file. Which I have then attempted to feed into Mail::Header, and which then fails (when seen in Data::Dumper, it just loads the headers and the body all into the body tag).

    As for not having the "From" line, I'm assuming you mean that there is something about the From lines that is missing. On my own personal Unix system, I keep track of mail stats as well and when looking at those files, they look the same as these files do - the difference likely being something that doesn't show up in TextPad or in Less (meaning a \n or \r).

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