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My instinct on seeing the portugese was to run it through the babelfish.

It took a while for me to realise it was just translations of existing content.

My opinion is that monsieur_champs would do better to provide the portugese on his(?) own site and link to it from his home node.

Yes, English is not everyone's first language, but if you can provide at least a babelfish translation (assuming your language is covered), or an English note saying which language the question is in (took me a couple of guesses :), it would help English speakers who want to help have at least a starting point.

Of course, if your intent is not to target the english speakers (as in this case), making that clear in English in your post would help :)

Of course, if the gods decide on translations, I'm sure it would be a lot better to do it in an orderly way rather than posting them haphazardly in 'tutorials'. This would be something good to aim for, but I think it needs to be well organized.

just my .02

cLive ;-)

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Re: In reply to many of these posts
by monsieur_champs (Curate) on Jul 11, 2003 at 12:48 UTC

    I whish just to clarify two points:

    1. If you go to the nodelet you've mentioned, you will see that I posted a "This is a translation..." warning at the top of it. I'm sorry you didn't noted this warning and posted a english translation of my portuguese translation. With some luck, the Node Reaper will take care of it soon.
    2. I've posted it following instructions from the editors. I consulted two of them before posting translations, and received instructions to post the translations at the Tutorials section and warning the editors using the Editor Requests section so they could move the nodelets to the proper place.

    I'm sorry about the mess, but I was trying to help other fellows that aren't well skilled in english. I think that this is what means being part of a community.

    Yet Another Perl Monk