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I think this almost what you want ...
#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; $_ = <DATA>; my @matches = /([A-Z].*? )[a-z].*?/g; my $biggest = 0; my $biggestCluster; for my $m ( @matches ) { print "$m\n"; $_ = $m; my @cs = /([A-Z].*? )/g; if ( $#cs > $biggest ) { $biggestCluster = $m; $biggest = $#cs; } } print "Biggest Cluster is [$biggestCluster]\n"; __DATA__ Douglas built five Douglas World Cruisers to attempt his first flight +to Buenos Aires. There were the predecessor of the modern AH-64D and +AH-64D Apache.
... it has a problem picking up AH-64D Apache, but hopefully you will still find this somewhat helpful.