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I am curious to why you would want to process things in serial manner. I would think, in general, that processing things in parallel is better. Better meaning more effienct use of computing resources. You can always process the results in parallel yet still only allow access to the results FIFO. Or in other word you process things in parallel yet make it look like things where processed serially if you have to.
BTW you might be able to get cron to work on your Windows XP system. I have used cygwin's port of cron successfully on my NT system.
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by Anonymous Monk on Aug 25, 2003 at 17:40 UTC


    The primary reason is that three or four concurrent requests would be enough to get the computer thrashing virtual memory. The computations being run takes about 700 MB of RAM and about 60 seconds CPU time. The computer can handle maybe two at once. With more than that, they all slow down dramatically.

      Well if you where to develop your software in such a way that it processed requests in parallel but also limited the number of requests that could be processed at the same time, then the number of request that could be processed would be stored in a site specific configuration variable. On your current hardware you would set this parameter to 1 and if you where ever to get a better box you would only have to change this parameter instead of rewriting your code.