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Okay, I guess the negative score on that should tell me something. If it is just another person that is intolerant of my name, that's fine - but in case it is due to the way I worded my question, I will rephrase it.

I know how to use GD to create a polygon on an image in a given location. I know how to use GD::Graph to generate a graph given an array of data.

What I'm currently having trouble puzzling out is if I want to put something on the graph, I imagine I would want to create a polygon object and then place it the coordinate location of the data point that I am interested in - but as far as I know, GD::Graph doesn't give that information.

So does anyone have any ideas as to locating where to place an image on a graph that is coming from the output of GD::Graph?

I personally feel the point system here is useless, I would much prefer the person wrote on here something like "yes, I read your post, and while I don't know the answer to your questiond, I don't like your username." or "I've read your post and this is far too easy for me, it has insulted my intelligence." - at least that way I know where to direct my energies in addressing the resolution to my question.

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