Carlos Ramirez announced, a central location for all Perl-related documentation (manpages, core modules and utilities, and CPAN modules). The current release offers a complete searchable Perl 5.6 Documentation in HTML format, and plans are to have all the CPAN docs available this weekend. Simple URLs like can be used to create links to the docs.

Michael Stevens had trouble finding the perl 1.0 source, so he went through and tracked down perl versions 1 through 4.036 and put them up at

"I'd love any versions I'm missing before 5.0, and news of successful builds - I got perl 1.0 running on a openbsd 2.5 machine, with a bit of fiddling, although it does core dump rather more than I might like," he writes.

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RE: Come and Get Your Cool New Perl Sites
by Adam (Vicar) on Sep 01, 2000 at 23:48 UTC
    How is any different from our own library? I mean, besides including 5.6?

    Update: After exploring the site a little, I found stuff we don't have. Maybe a link from the library is in order?

      one obvious thing if you're away from home is this:

      If you need function docs, use ?f=function, eg:

      If you need manpages, use ?m=manpage, eg:

      So there's no excuse for not linking to docs in questions now :)

      cLive ;-)