Tim Maher, SPUG Leader writes, "Dr. Damian Conway, celebrated Perl Guru and author of Object Oriented Perl, will be in Chicago in early October, continuing his Perlish rampage across America that began last spring, giving a free talk, Quantum Superpositions and the First Virtue, to the Chicago Perl Mongers on October 8th, from 3-5pm, in the CitiBank Tower. Yes, this is the stupefyingly comical yet technically inspirational talk made famous at this summer's YAPC and TPC 4.0 conferences. You can read attendee comments on the SPUG (Seattle Perl Users Group) presentation of this talk.

Send email to Steven Lembark (lembark@wrkhors.com) of the Chicago Perl Mongers for more details on the October 8th event."

Head on over to use Perl to read the abstract, or for information about two fee-based seminars Conway will also be giving in Chicago.

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