It is simply amazing what Perl's undef can do if you just ask it nicely. I got mine to print JAPH.

UPDATE! Spoiler available!

#!/usr/bin/perl {{{{THE:{{{{END:{{{{IS:{{{{THE:{{{BEGINNING:{{{{IS:{{{{THE:{{{{END{{{{ no strict; no warnings;# Where we're going, we won't need eyes to see. undef->('J')->('u') ->('s')->('t') ->(' ')->('a') ->('n')->('o') ->('t')->('h') ->('e')->('r') ->(' ')->('P') ->('e')->('r') ->('l')->(' ') ->('h')->('a') ->('c')->('k') ->('e')->('r') ->((qq(\n)));# ALONE CANNOT YOU IT RESIST ;};};};};};};};};};};};};};};};};};};};};};};};};};};};};};};};};};};} use strict;use warnings FATAL=>'all';use utf8;use 5.014;# It begins... eval((eval(join'',join'',map{unpack'C/(C.*/X/xa@)'}split/\n/,<<'MAGIC' "BC8D%5/.31420-A69=(#:*$+<@;?)&',>7""$''((*,,;<=>AADTaaabchijkmnopsu{" ">DC95'A<?36;(%B&-#4*.=@8)$2+/0,17:$$''((())),,,1?_aacccdehknoppruuv{" "?'=@:(#8)721*3%&CA><;B./-$9506+,D4$$''(()))),//046:;[]^__diloprrst}}" MAGIC ))->(# LASCIATE OGNI SPERANZA VOI CH'ENTRATE. LIBERATE TUTAME EX JAPH! <<'MORE MAGIC' $_='open(necromicon)and(seek(undef,undef)) ((4SO)EPL(M)(6)(yv5((76aW((65(s&gxVH7Z(2f) (2)ud)b))J06)r7m(6i)oO)L)(MF)T6(yv(E(6a((( sgVxHZE(f)(!61P)u20d)b))J6)$76rm9(i7)So66( 52O07))L9)6(FS75M)2(07((y5)7V0)v2((UCa(((W sg0TAxH4Z(fE)udW)65b))J!P76)rm65(i)oO)7L)( M)(22V)(yv0R67((a(6(F6(sEgxY6HZ(Ef)6(1)ud2 )Tb06))JC)rm(i )o6O)L)5%(VTW7 U4VM2)(y0v((a( (sgxH7Z(f)(R)9 6WFud)%bV)J)rm (i7Q)o5VO2)06L )#4(6FV7M)76E( y0vA((a((S(Wsg !4Ex6HZ5(Sf7)u d)b6))6J)r!m(i )S57oSO)L)(M2U )2067(6yFv((6E 6aE6(VW((sgxH1 Z(f)ud2)b0)R7U 2)J7)56rm(E2iU )o0TO)LQ)6(M)( y1v((a(7T(2(6s F7gxHZ(fT)u5Td )b))&J6)rm(Ei) o64O)L)(M)20(6 T1)6(y%v(E6(Ta ((#(T(( xUH)Z(0f6)ud4)b)6)5J)rm7(i)oO)XL)3(M)(yR#Uv((6a((s57(gU27(x4HWZ))(2f0% )(79)udVb6)F7T)50VJ)AUV4rE65m7(i)oO)L)V(MV6)#6(yv(572(a(2((sgxH0Z(f676 )(F6uEd6R))b)E)J)PrS6mY(i)oO)L)(M)(12yv((a((0(sgxHZ6RD"(f61)6(B6S)ud)b 52))J)rm(i)oOP)L0)(7M96)(F7)(yv((a(5((sRg(((x)H20)6ZU)(3W7f)(27)ud%V)9 b))JT)rVU2m(Ci0A)VV4oO)L)(VE$M)6(5)(yvS((aS7(((s6gx65HZ(f)W7(2)20u6d)b U)76)J)rm(i)oWOR)FL6)(EM)6(yEv6((a(V((s"g(xH(W1Z))(20P7f)(W3)ud)b))RJ) 6rm(i1)WoO)L)( M7)Y(Vyv(9(2a( ((s0gx6HZ76%(f )uFdV)T6bF)6)J 4W)6rm(Ti279)o O)6L)(50RMA4&E )U("6)U(y57v(P 6(Sa((sg$xUH65 Z(f)7u22d0)67b "6)FJ6)rEm(i)o O)L)(M)(6E)(6y vS1((a(20(7((P RUsg)xH4Z(6fW) 5u6d%VTC6)b)CV U)J2)0r61m(i20 )o(VO)6VC)L6)( M)(9Vyv((a(6(( sg5xH2Z(f"0)61 (u6(E6))d)bS)) J)rm(4i)$2Wo0O 6)"87L)(M5)(7) (27y)Sv4(a((sg xHZ(2f)07ud)b9 6)JF)rm750(iA) ).seek..into.. ; .the.hivemind. .representing. chaos;invoking ..the.feeling. of.chaos;with- ...out.order.. ...the.nezper- dian.hivemind. of.chaos;zalgo ;he.who.waits. ..behind.the.. .wall;ZaLGo;'; undef:japh:{s( [^[:xdigit:]]| [^([:upper:](( )[:digit:]))]) ()xgos;print(( (chr((hex))))) and(((select(( (undef),undef, ((((undef,)))) ,((0.01))))))) for(/(..)/g)}; MORE MAGIC )); __DATA__ _____________________________________________________________ ,`````'X``````/\#`Toto, I've a feeling we aren't in Kansas anymore...`

I do not believe anyone has used this technique before.
I do not believe anyone has used this technique before in a JAPH here on Perlmonks. Please let me know what you think.

Spoilers 'n bits...

Credit where credit is due:
gmax As Tom Lehrer one sang: One man deserves the credit, one man deserves the blame.... Gmax's Perl Monk's Dream and Structured Obfuscation provided the initial inspiration for this. (I especially love his "Code+Garbage" technique)
Loops and 7stud Their posts helped me grasp some of the lesser known features of pack
Tobyink and Juerd They both opend my eyes to the crazy possibilities afforded by SvREADONLY

With all that out of the way, let's begin...
Recommended listening (Breakfast Machine) :)

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