Thanks for this jdporter,

> Figure out how we'll increase the ranks of QandAEditors. Maybe import all current active Janitors and Pedagogues?

Well QandAEditors will result a bit misnamed group after your work is complete. Maybe another new group is a cleaner solution. Starrers or Illuminators or, being all nuns and monks Limners?.

Even importing janitors and pedagogues and summing up all previous QandAEditors the number of active monks is under the dozen.

In recent years some very good monk joined the monastery and they are perfect candidates for a Limners or whatever new group. I'd make a bit of recruitment among them (the same is true for the pmdev group, but this is another story..).

Also iirc QandAEditors had the power to ad/edit/delete content and i do not think this power is related to starred nodes.

> Yes, we'd certainly need the capability to remove the star ... will be a rare enough need that the gods can execute a request manually.

gods are so rare nowadays: I'd not charge them of other tasks. If Limners can star and unstar a node this will be perfect.

Here we have the right to modify a node at any moment, even after years. I think this is a good feature. Maybe starred nodes stay read only until they have a star on it? Dunno if it is worth: just a suggestion.

Thanks again!


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