I'm trying to sort and a comma-separated list and insert a line from another file. I created an array of structs as a test, but it wouldn't print outside of dumper, what am I doing wrong

use strict; use warnings; use Class::Struct; package Carrier_Info; struct Carrier_Info => { name => '$', abbrev => '$', }; my $aa="TH"; my @carriers; { #method 2 push @carriers, Carrier_Info->new(name => "Paul Lalli", abbrev =>" +PL"); push @carriers, Carrier_Info->new(name => "Travis Hervey", abbrev= +> $aa); my $xyz; $xyz = pop(@carriers); my $ppp = $xyz->{name}; print "which name is $ppp\n"; }

This prints either "Array(0x)", "Hash(0x)" or nothing. I'm expecting it to print "Travis Harvey". Once I understand using structs I can proceed with my real perl program Michael

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