NEW Feature:

always collapse "+/- Legend" away!

appName check disabled, just put your selective clients in there if you need it

(AutoFolding of RAT head and foot unfortunately to difficult ATM)

<script language="javascript"><!-- var expandState="expanded"; function toggle_threads(){ expandState = (expandState=='expanded') ? 'collapsed' : 'expanded' ; var elements = document.getElementsByTagName('ul'); var elnum; for( elnum=0; elnum<elements.length; elnum++ ){ var el = elements[elnum]; if ( el.parentNode.className.match(/nnt-depth-1/) ) el.className = expandState; if ( == 'ul-legend') el.className = 'collapsed'; } } if ( document.title.match(/Recently Active Threads/) ) { document.writeln('<a href="javascript:toggle_threads()">+/- All Th +reads</a>'); // if (navigator.appName=="Obigo") toggle_threads(); // auto collapse at start } //--></script>

Cheers Rolf

PS: Je suis Charlie!

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