Sage(?) advice from someone who ... these days ... loses more “XP Points” on a typical day than he gains . . .

“Fuhgeddabout XP™!! . . . instead, participate!!”

That’s it:   participate.   Try, as best you can, to leave the situation of “the Next Monk Who Will Follow You” perhaps a little better than your own situation was, when you trod that selfsame path.

Do so, not for the vain aim of “accumulating (or losing ...) XP points,” but because (aye, tho’ others vehemently(?) disagree with you ...) you actually imagined that you had something useful to say. . .   Speak to “your former self.”   Throw him/her a rope, with a floation-device attached and “no strings attached.”

. . . in other words, “something that you, had the situation been reversed, would have been mighty-glad to have read, long-about-now” . . .

. . . be-cause ... somewhere out there, there is Another Monk, for whom “the situation is reversed!”

Address your posts “to that person” and you will not go wrong.   (Whether XP-tallies confirm or deny your actions are ... well ... who cares?)

Instead of, shall we say, “participating with an ulterior motive in mind,” participate!   (Got something to say?   Speak up!   No?   Then, shaddup!)   And then, let The Peanut Gallery™ cast its votes as it may.

In this way, regardless of how the XP-votes may or may not land, you will have earned them all (or not, who cares ...) in good conscience.   And thus, one way or the other, you will have, in your own way, “contributed to PerlMonks.Com.”

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