Hi Monks, I'm trying to strip out the value that is between <CorpActnEvtId>12345678</CorpActnEvtId>. The problem is there is a string of tags on each line and i don't know what to use to split on CorpActnEvtId to get the 12345678 value in this example.

here is a sample of one record:

<NtfctnTp>REPL</NtfctnTp><PrcgSts><Cd><EvtCmpltnsSts>COMP</EvtCmpltnsS +ts><EvtConfSts>HELLO</EvtConfSts></Cd></PrcgSts></NtfctnGnlInf><PrvsN +tfctnId><Id>92190602</Id></PrvsNtfctnId> <CorpActnGnlInf><CorpActnEvtId>12345678</CorpActnEvtId><OffclCorpActnE +vtId>USJJT</OffclCorpActnEvtId><EvtPrcgTp><Cd>DISN</Cd></EvtPrcgTp><E +vtTp><Cd>DVCA</Cd></EvtTp><MndtryVlntryEvtTp>< Cd>MAND</Cd></MndtryVlntryEvtTp><UndrlygScty><

Just a tip on what how to get that value between the CorpActnEvtId tags would be a great help. thanks DD

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