No Boyer-Moore, but you can convert your bitstring search into a regular expression (in the CS sense, not the Perl one), and then compile it into an efficient state-machine.

For instance, in order to look for bitstring 010101, you have to look for character strings matching any of...

s1: 010101xx s2: x010101x s3: xx010101 s4: xxx01010 1xxxxxxx s5: xxxx0101 01xxxxxx s6: xxxxx010 101xxxxx s7: xxxxxx01 0101xxxx s8: xxxxxxx0 10101xxx
You can write the regular expression matching s1 as a character set $s1 = qr/[\x54\x55\x56\x57]/, and similarly for s2-s8, and then combine all of them as qr/$s1|$s2|...|$s8/.

Then you would need some module able to convert that regular expression into a state machine, and use it for matching the vector... I am sure there is already some RegExp backend on CPAN that does that.

The downside is that the resulting state-machines may be huge.

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