I have no doubt that this will work. But I'm looking for a way to hide the ugly details from the calling code.

Perhaps (looking at your suggestion and making this up as I go...)

sub my_sub { # do stuff eval { potential icky bit }; if ($@) { return 0; } else { return $something_useful; } } # MAIN unless ( $result = my_sub() ) { # use $@ to figure out what to do }
Well and good. But what if the problem arises from the logic of my task and not from an eval-able error. Bad data for example.

I'm willing to hid any ugliness in the sub. But how do I best set a retreavable value of my own chosing to flag the problem and still allow succinct, clean code where the sub is called:

unless ( $result = my_sub() ) { # handle error condition based on error var }

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