You've had lunch at the Perl Diner, you listen to WPERL, and you've studied your Perl Geography, but do you read great Perl literature? I'm not talking about just the Camel book, but also those listed below.

If you've got other Perl books in your library, post 'em here.

scalar @monte_cristo; sub task { kill( SIGHUP, "mockingbird" ); } $_**(1/2); $_**(1/3); $_**(1/4); for ( @whom ) { toll( chr(7) ); } $nights[11]; sub king { return; } $here..$eternity undef $arms; if ( 1 ) { $postman->ring() for (1..2); } grep /Red October/, @_;
The answers are below. Highlight 'em to see:
The Count of Monte Cristo To Kill a Mockingbird Roots For Whom The Bell Tolls Twelfth Night Return Of The King From Here to Eternity A Farewell To Arms The Postman Always Rings Twice The Hunt For Red October

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