Let's see what books come to mind... The other day, looking for something to take my mind off current events, I read the $Potter[0] book. It wasn't too bad, and now I'm looking forward to the movie. I may pick up $Potter[1] next, or else try out Daniel Pinkwater's @novels[0..4] .

Last year, I re-read

scalar(grep {$_->isa('Sheep::Electric')} Android::dream);
It's been years since I first read it, and it held up better than I remembered.

I've never read

no strict 'subs'; lunch;
, and I tried reading -s $machine, but I just couldn't get into it. If I read any of his work, I think I'd be more interested in his later work, like maybe grep {$_->{longitude} =~ /W/} @lands.

Somewhere I've got a copy of

use Storable; my @men = map { $_->[0] } sort { $b->[1] <=> $a->[1] } grep { $_->[1] > (55*365) } map { [$_, -C] } glob("*.man"); die "Error: Nemo senex est" unless @men; my $guy = retrieve($men[0]); use Inline C => <<'END_C'; int fish() { return 1; } END_C $guy && fish;
that I've been meaning to read, along with
$gerund = $lot[50-2]->can("cry");

(The first Array Potter book, that is, plus "5 Novels", "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?", "The Naked Lunch", "The Soft Machine", "The Western Lands", "The Old[est] Man and the [Inlined] Sea", and "The Crying of Lot 49". And yeah, I am kind of grep-happy; it's just a phase.)
(And I removed Catch-22; I should've read the other posts more carefully...)

Update: 'Damn'x3; --$self for botching an array slice.

-- Frag.

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