You live in extreme north, even further north than me then, yes? Close to or within the Arctic Circle?

In that case, I'll waive the artificial light restriction... while you drive to get home only though.

Where I live, I experience frequent power (I refer to it as "hydro", due to my Ontario, Canada beginnings) outages. We can heat ourselves, cook and heat water with our wood-burning equipment, and light is provided by lighting anything on fire that burns. (The wife gets upset when I try to light our eight year old white rabbit, Ganldolf, on fire for light though, but my justification is that if you have food that can run around, it cooks quicker due to the aerodynamics of airflow making the flame burn quicker).

In all seriousness, I know all about alternate energy, and very short days. I'd love to hear more.

How do you manage where you are? I've thought solar, but that's not feasible with little sun. I knew that shortly after I moved out where I am, but my literal Raspberry Pi + let's just say several small panels and batteries proved it. I've staged up diesel powered generator that runs core items, but would like to become more eco-friendly. Tips?

Update: Or, did I misunderstand, taking a sarcastic comment literally, and you're just saying you work far too long hours every day and need to make a life adjustment? Where I be, what you said can be taken either way easily :)

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