Re my document and cross-ref: the @ symbol indicates that the following word is set in code-style, and also will automatically generate cross references. Any @-word that can't be matched to a cross-reference would generate a warning. I have in mind (ultimatly) that when the mouse passes over one that names a parameter, the parameter in the signatures is highlighted. It would be smart enough to automatically link to other members in the same class, quallified symbols, and other class names. Details of a mapping, if needed, could be specified in another element. Anything that's not automatic would be an element embedded in the text.

Also, if the mouse passes over a reference that's not local, it can show details in the lower window or a popup, or expand. E.g. the view just shows "sMSG", but when you hover it tells you it's actually "class ratwin::message::sMSG".

re "a good style sheet will typically get you started. If you want to rearrange or reorder the way elements are displayed, use XSLT."

What is the difference between "a style sheet" and XSL(T)?

As far as finding a XSLT implementation, Microsoft has one with OLE interface. A Perl-native one is probably superior, though.

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