117 116 117. But with caveats.

The main caveat is that I can add or lose characters depending on exact behaviour of these additional functions. (Particularly important is the behaviour of "a". I assumed that it returned 0,1 and added returns on prints but not a ?.) Here are the exact functions as I used them for my solution:

sub a { print @_, "\n"; my $r = <STDIN>; if ($r =~ /y/i) { return 1; } elsif ($r =~ /n/i) { return 0; } else { print "Sorry, I don't understand that. Please answer Y/N.\n"; a(@_); } } sub t { print "What is your animal?\n"; my $ans = <STDIN>; chomp($ans); return $ans; } sub i { my ($guessed, $user_answer) = @_; chomp($guessed, $user_answer); print "Please enter a question that would be true for a " . "$user_answer, but false for a $guessed:\n"; my $ans = <STDIN>; chomp($ans); return $ans; } sub w { if (a("\nDo you want to continue?")) { print "\nStarting a new game.\n"; } else { print "BYE!\n"; exit(); } }
Add to that my one free initialization:
And then my solution:
# 1 2 3 4 5 6 +7 8 9 10 11 #123456789_123456789_123456789_123456789_123456789_123456789_123456789 +_123456789_123456789_123456789_123456789_1234567 {*q=\%Q;*q=$q{a$q{q}}while$q{q};$q{0}{a}=$q{a},$q{1}{a}=t,$q{q}=i($q{a +},$q{1}{a})if!a"Is your animal a $q{a}?";w,redo} # Was #{*q=*Q;*q=$q{a$q{q}}while$q{q};$q{0}{a}=$q{a},$q{1}{a}=t,$q{q}=i($q{a +},$q{1}{a})if!a"Is your animal a $q{a}?";w&&redo}
jarich is right, I forgot to test something. My first typeglob assignment was wrong

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