The only thing I regret is that matching non greediness has not been made the default. Larry is discussing this in perl6-language. His concern is that greediness is disconcerting for beginners but he laters goes on saying that non greediness is too. Strangely his favorite argument "Huffman Coding" is not invoked here. Personally, I add the "?" modifier by default and supress it when it would break my regexep... like in the exemple given by Larry
my ($num) = /(\d*)/; # greediness needed

So, because in my use, it is prevalent, I think that non greediness should be made the default but I have not checked other people code to see if they use non greediness more than greediness. Also I don't know if changing the default would affect the ratio of greediness/non greediness usage claimed to be 10/1 for perl 5.8 in an answer to this nodelet. Anyway, this ratio seems to show that criteria of Huffman coding would lead to a different grammar decision choice for me than to most of people. Also, I don't think that new feature introduced in perl6 regexp would change this pattern.

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