Because I am a geek, I am sitting here in Monterey at the Perl Conference watching Office Space in a room full of other geeks, writing up this report, downloading MP3s (using the wireless LAN services provided by Yet Another Society), etc.

There were plenty of cool tutorials today, like a session on wireless LANs by Mark S. and Jo-Ellen F. Matthews. Tom Christiansen taught advanced Perl, Tim Bunce taught advanced DBI, Lincoln Stein taught advanced CGI, Randal Schwartz taught practical web programming, Dan Sugalski taught PerlThreads, Mark-Jason Dominus taught regular expressions, and Damian Conway taught his Parse::RecDescent module.

New O'Reilly books are on sale here, like Perl for System Administration, CGI Programming with Perl, Second Edition, Perl Pocket Reference, Third Edition, and Programming Perl, Third Edition.

A lot more is on tap for the next few days, so stay tuned.

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