Does your company let you upgrade modules in the "core" from CPAN?


Will it let you install a module that has been included in a later perl release but not in the one you use?


We're using Perl 5.004.04 (which I know is full of bugs and some quite serious security holes anyway). If it didn't come with that, we don't have it, and we can't get it, at least, that's the way it works at the minute.

I agree, it's a crazy system, I personally think that it causes more problems than it solves. I'm all for CPAN - I use a lot of the modules from there in my own personal code, and I see no reason to use CPAN from a corporate point of view.

I do think the current core module set is pretty well balanced, though: it allows a lot of development and useful reuse of code without bloating the distribution too much. Size seems to be very rarely an issue nowadays anyway, with disk space no longer costing what it did a few years back.

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