I work for an international VLO also. My experience is quite similar to yours: as long as the software has got a nice label on it and costs LOADS of money, it's OK.
Perferably, the package should come with a costly upgrade program and a - yet again - very costly support program

So when people like me come up with Open Source Software, or any other free and readily available stuff, managers tend to get frightened and turn away....

I think it's a very common phenomenon which IMO is caused by two things:

Plain ignorance about what Open Source really is. To most managers, it only represents a risk (and I must admit that they're right upto some extend). What they lack to see it that it also represents possibilities ( to tailor the software to your own needs, etc...)
Ergo: there's still a lot of work in advocating open source software... get to it!!!

Nobody ever got fired for choosing IBM (or any other major player in IT...)
"What will I look like if Ze Big Boss finds out I've used Open Source in my project???"
I don't think this needs much explanation, does it?

As for myself, I use Perl to "fill up some of the gaps" in the project I'm working on: checking data integrity,etc...
I don't think management is fully aware of this yet, but don't think I'll get much head wind when they do find out (as it does the job..)
I'll keep my fingers crossed.


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