I was also thinking about Food for the thought!

I think that it is a good sign to ask others before creating a good working environment at these days that seem that everything is pulling us down to the past. (might be there are still some wrong aproachings to the future that our karma must overcome?)

I believe that coherence has nothing to do with new tech and amazing environments, but only to some human constants that have always worked well. If you search for these human constants you are never going to get wrong results. Nevertheless, they might surprise you, and enrich you. It shouldn't depend on the money, or the fashion, or the people, or showing off.

Working must be constant creation and of course, clear communication.

People that feels lonely, aprettiate a lot good company. So if your working environment goes well, noone would want to leave it. And would care if the company is not getting the comercial results that should need to keep them working together. People don't need to be friends but to feel good sharing a common place and job.

These are simple facts, but real for every part of the world, don't you think?

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