Something that happened 20 years ago, while in university. We had some programming assignment, in Pascal. Working in a pair (XP avant-la-lettre) we had this program with quite a bunch of procedures we just couldn't get to compile. Whatever we tried, it would always stop at the begin of the main program. We weren't able to fix it during our terminal time slot (16 terminals for about 200 people, each doing several courses that required terminal access - if we had 6 hours of terminal time a week, we considered it a lucky week). Still not having solved the problem, it was a topic of discussion during lunch the next day. One of our friends, a math student who wasn't very interested in programming, asked to see our program. We showed it to her, and she instantly spotted the problem - the name of the program didn't end with .p, which caused the compiler not to be happy with finding a main body in the file.

<mode type = 'innocent'>That was the last mistake of such a kind I made.</mode>


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