Keep the tests in the same directories as the modules -- makes it easier to keep them up-to-date.

That's what I've been doing thus far. I wasn't sure whether that was considered a good practice for CPAN modules. If it is in fact deemed acceptable, I'm more than happy to continue on this way.

More testing = less bugs = less work = more happiness

I couldn't agree more. I've been testing this module that I'm currently writing a ton along the way, and it's made it a much more pleasurable experience. It's a great feeling to perform a major refactoring of feature addition, and to run a huge battery of tests and see them all give you the green light.

I guess now what it all boils down to is whether to stick with Test::Unit, or to jump over to Test::More. Test::Unit is pretty cool, but I'm concerned about it not being very well supported by the authors. The test scripts for the install break, and it hasn't been updated I think since 2001, at which point they were promising better docs. Alas, no such thing has been forthcoming and they have gone silent.

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