Hmmm...lessee...I'm coming up on 30 years since I graduated from high school... In no particular order, I've learned and written code in the following languages:

  1. Algol
  2. TUTOR
  3. C
  4. Pascal
  6. COBOL
  7. Z80 assembler
  8. PDP-11 assembler
  9. BASIC
  10. awk
  11. (k)sh
  12. csh
  13. Perl
  14. Lisp
  15. Pilot
  16. CourseWriter
  17. DOS batch
  18. Java
  19. SQL (multiple dialects)
  20. HyperTalk
  21. Postscript
  22. C++
  23. (Web)Focus
  24. PMS
  25. Forth
  26. JavaScript
  27. Business Objects (I think)
  28. ...

I may have left a couple out... OK, so it's not quite one per year in the long run, but it comes pretty close...


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